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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Here is an email that my brother sent to my uncle. This sums up my feelings about the Cubs exactly...

The Cubs suck. I now cheer for the Orioles. You don't run Sosa (best
Cub Ever!), Chip Carey and Steve Stone out of town in the same
offseason and expect to be any good. All these Neo-Cubs fans that
came on board in the 2003 playoffs better be happy cause they got what
they all wanted. They got rid of MY Cubs, the Cubs I grew up with,
the Cubs I loved. The sliver lining in all this is that all those
bandwagon jumpers will leave town after this subpar year. Of course,
I still never miss a game and look forward to watching the Cubs every
chance I get (as I have since 1993), however not nearly as much as in
the past. They aren't even fun to watch anymore. and as for waiting
til next year, I've been waiting for 22 years, whats one more? Being
a Cubs fan builds character. No matter how hard you try, you always
fail. That's life.