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Friday, November 11, 2005

Chicago, my kind of town?

Last Friday my brother Brad and I headed off to Chicago for the Iowa @ Northwestern game on Saturday. The drive there was pretty uneventful.. cept for the tolls you have to pay. $1.90 a toll!! You shittin me? I paid over $6 in just tolls on the way there, plus gas in Illinois is 40cents higher. Stupid state. Also found out that the driver side window in the car we took does not roll back up after its down. It takes about 10mins to get the damn thing back up... just barely inches back up everytime you try the button. Since it was between 7pm - 10pm when we paid the tolls it was a bit chilly flying down the Interstate with the window down!

We pull into the beautiful Days Inn in Niles (suburb just north of Chicago - basically straight West of Ohare Airport) around 10:30pm. Check in.. and drive back to our room. Yeah.. I said drive. We park next to our room and hall our shit upstairs. We quickly find out that the only light that seems to work in our entire room is this outdoor globe type fixture by the door. (see picture) Brad proceeds to go hang up his clothes for 2morrow for some gay reason - that's when he notices the 2 breakers on the wall (see picture). Ever had breakers in your hotel room before? The last picture is Brad with the world's most expensive tv remote. It had it all covered.. Power On, Up, Down, Left, Right. Before heading off to sleep I had to call my other brother Brian, because I had forgotten to place my 5 team 7pt teaser that morning... and as you could have guessed, this room did not have Internet access.

Wake up early Saturday morning and get ready to make our way to the game. 1st we stop at near by Target to buy a couple rain ponchos since it was supposed to rain that day. Before we get back into the car at Target I take Brad's picture next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!

We drive to Evanston and park on a side street. Mow down a sub. Start the walk to Ryan Field. There are Iowa fans EVERYWHERE! I get confused because I thought this was an away game.. but the only fans you see anywhere are Iowa fans. We decided to take a self guided tour of the Northwestern athletic facilities. We worked out on the blocking dummies on the football practice field and also checked out Northwestern's gay little basketball arena. Finally we get to our seats and the game begins. 1st half kicks ass!! Iowa is mowing! Half time score Iowa 24 - Northwestern 7.

During halftime we are standing there talking, look down, who do we see in full Cubs uniform holding up a Bears helment? Ronnie Fucking Woo Woo!! We go down to see the legend, I'm like "Hey what's up Ronnie!?". He smiles. (I think the only thing he can do is smile and say Woo! Woo!).. but it kicked major ass to see him.

2nd half starts, everything is fine until there is 4:30 left in the game. Iowa leads by 13pts and punts the ball away. 2mins later NW scores a touchdown. 2mins left. NW recovers onside kick. 1:50 left. NW drives and scores touchdown. 40 secs left. NW now leads by 1. Iowa fucks up and we lose. Worst game ever. After standing in complete silence for over 10mins as we watch people leave the stadium, Brad and I finally start to make our way out. Its about 2 blocks away before one of us even speaks. I believe the silence was broken by me when I said "What the fuck!?"

Did I mention that it started raining in the 3rd quarter and didn't stop. Ever. It was still raining when I got home at 9:30pm that night. Remember that window that doesn't rollup?.....


I lost my 5 team 7pt teaser.

Comments on "Chicago, my kind of town?"


Blogger Blonde said ... (9:19 AM, November 14, 2005) : 

Ronnie Woo shit!

Honestly, I would have turned around and went home after seeing that hotel room...


Blogger Lulu said ... (8:05 PM, November 14, 2005) : 

Is that what you get when you don't make a reservation?


Blogger amera hearts said ... (12:58 PM, November 15, 2005) : 

I have no clue who Ronnie is, but I'm glad you had such a good time.

ps. You window story reminded me of the time I was with my 5 brothers and we were driving home from Salt Lake City (to LA). It was middle of winter and cold as hell. My bro Chris woulnd't let anyone esle drive the 13-14 hour drive so he rolls down the front windows and blasts Shakira to stay awake. I nearly froze my nipples off that night.


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