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Friday, August 19, 2005


Nice to know that good ol' DesMoines is in a drug ring with Mexico, Columbia, New York, and LA.

DEA Busts 160 in Drug Transportation Rings

Who are all these meth users? .. and why do only white people in the midwest use it? Here's something I found from a different article: "Law enforcement officials indicate that meth labs are using pseudoephedrine from cold medications to produce the methamphetamine. Last year, 1,472 meth labs were encountered in Iowa, up from only two in 1994."

HBO did a special on meth last year - I watched it.. it was all about people in Iowa. It was crazy to watch a show on HBO.. about these messed up people addicted to "crank", and know that they live just hours away. It also sucks because now its like impossible to buy cold medication anywhere.

I think I'm addicted to crab ragoons from Asian Gardens.

Comments on "DrugMoines"


Blogger daisyduke said ... (10:55 AM, August 21, 2005) : 

I love that orange marmelade they give you with those things...and for argument's sake, we have a gob of meth labs in Texas, too...


Blogger Justice said ... (5:30 PM, August 21, 2005) : 

I've always felt lucky that I'm not addicted to drugs. It's a downward spiral for those who are.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Hope you can stop by again sometime.


Blogger Cass said ... (7:07 PM, August 21, 2005) : 

Indiana is the home of the rolling meth lab. It is such a nasty, filthy drug.
I would like some crab rangoon right now.
Thanks for stopping by today!


Blogger The Everglades said ... (9:22 PM, August 21, 2005) : 

I thought the only thing found in Iowa were starchy crops and food stuffs.



Blogger Tiffany said ... (7:45 AM, August 22, 2005) : 

im addicted to salsa! i dont even use a chip, just a spoon! Need a fix, going thru withdrawel...


Blogger Candee said ... (9:05 AM, August 22, 2005) : 

The city where I live in Kansas has one of the highest %'s of meth users per population in the U.S. The thing is nobody who's using it, can hide it. They get really tweaky, their teeth rot, and they are all crazy eyed! Man, that makes me wanna do drugs...


Blogger Heather said ... (11:12 AM, August 22, 2005) : 

Mmmmm, Crab Rangoon....


Must make a trip to P.F. Chang's ASAP.

Sorry, what was that about meth?


Blogger amera hearts said ... (12:01 PM, August 22, 2005) : 

I'm not surprised by this news. I found out recently that my meth was being imported from Kansas..... :)


Blogger Dorf said ... (1:53 PM, August 22, 2005) : 

I've never seen anybody eat more crab rangoons in one sitting then Wes...


Blogger amera hearts said ... (2:39 PM, August 22, 2005) : 

nice on all the spam you got in this posting!


Blogger Wez said ... (3:14 PM, August 22, 2005) : 

Fucking spamers! Does this mean I've hit the big time? = )


Blogger TequilaGirl said ... (7:40 PM, August 22, 2005) : 

We've had so many meth lab busts here in my little town. It seems to be the drug of choice for all the GA rednecks!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:04 AM, February 03, 2007) : 

Excellent, love it! »


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