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Monday, January 02, 2006

Complete Bullsh!t

Does this look like offsides to you?

So, in the Outback Bowl this morning, Iowa is down 7 with about 1:40 to go. They RECOVER an onside kick (and would have gone on to win the game, no doubt) but these complete hacks from Conference USA that call themselves officails, say that they were offsides. As you can see from the pic... it was not even close.

Worst Call Ever.

Here's an article from the Iowa City Press Citizen...

Monday, January 2, 2006

By the Press-Citizen

Three terrible calls by the officials — two at the end of the first half and one at the end of the game — thwarted a gutsy Hawkeye comeback in the Outback Bowl as Iowa falls to Florida, 31-24.

The Hawkeyes were down 31-7 at the end of the first half, but mounted a spirited comeback in the fourth quarter by scoring two touchdowns on Drew Tate passes to Ed Hinkel.

Iowa was driving late in the game when they were forced into a fourth-and-10 with less than 2 minutes to go in the game with no timeouts and down by 10. Kyle Schlicher came on to hit a 45-yard field goal, and the Hawkeyes lined up for an onside kick.

Schlicher lined up on the right hash and got the requisite high bounce on the kick. The ball bounced off of one Hawkeye's hands and into the hands of Scott Chandler.

The officials called Hawkeye linebacker Chad Greenway for being offsides on the kickoff. The replay clearly showed that Greenway was behind the line of scrimmage on the kick.

Iowa lined up for another onside kick, but Florida claimed this one, and the Gators ran out the clock for the 31-24 victory.

Comments on "Complete Bullsh!t"


Blogger Marie said ... (7:48 PM, January 02, 2006) : 

Hey there, Wez. Can't say that I'm much into football so I cannot comment specifially on your post. hehe

I just wanted to come around and say hi. I noticed you stopped by and commented on my blog today. :) I'll see you around!


Blogger Wounds said ... (9:09 PM, January 02, 2006) : 

Those refs sucked....we got screwed.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:57 PM, January 02, 2006) : 

Yeah that was a bullshit call, but this game didn't ruin your season..
Losing to Iowa State did however....


Blogger JCollins said ... (11:30 AM, January 03, 2006) : 

Conference USA officials blow nuts! I wonder how much Florida paid them for that?


Blogger amera hearts said ... (1:55 PM, January 03, 2006) : 

I didn't watch any football yesterday because I'm an idiot.


Blogger Heather said ... (3:21 PM, January 03, 2006) : 


I was hoping that Iowa would win!

I'm from them there parts you know.


Happy New Year Wez!


Blogger DIAMONDKT said ... (8:20 PM, January 04, 2006) : 

Clearly NOT offsides. I agree. They get a loud BULLSHIT cheer from me on that call.


Blogger Dorf said ... (11:21 PM, January 05, 2006) : 



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